Simon trained, managed and mentored me for over three years of competing at 3 and 4* level. His attention to detail with the horses and me was second to none. I always felt that nothing was too much trouble and that no stone was left unturned.
His experience in competing at the top level gave him an amazing understanding of my worries and the level of fitness needed for me and my horses. He is someone who makes hard work and stressful situations fun, but above all he is a consummate professional in everything he does. He maintains high standards and expects high standards.
Nothing fazes him; he has a wonderful way with people and a systematic and structured way to training that covers every base.
I treasure the time I spent under his guidance. He made things possible that wouldn’t otherwise have been so

Alice Fox-Pitt (Plunkett), competitor

The Heythrop Hunt Pony Club has benefitted from Simon Lawrance's instruction and considerable knowledge for over twenty years. During that time he has been very involved in coaching our successful eventing teams, together with teaching at camp and rallies.
He is popular, honest, reliable, thoughtful, approachable and fun. He has high standards, and expects his pupils to actively analyse and assess their own performances, and challenges them to reach their potential.
His lively encouragement and excellent tuition have helped many children achieve their goals.

Caroline O’Kane, Heythrop Hunt Pony Club District Commissioner

Simon is in a unique position in that he has both competed and coached at the highest level. Therefore he has all the technical skills, but also the natural horsemanship that has been gained in the hunting field, and so is well placed to coach and educate riders and horses of all levels.
Simon was part of BE's Coaching Development Programme which gave me the opportunity to observe his coaching at first-hand. I can therefore strongly recommend Simon to anyone who would like to further develop their equestrian skills.

Yogi Breisner, Coach to the Senior British Event team

Simon Lawrance has been a successful Event rider for many years, I have had the pleasure of helping him with a few of his horses and enjoyed helping a rider with both natural talent and technical skills.
Simon is also a master across the country in the hunting field so has the advantage of riding unprepared ground and fences over those coaches who have not shared that experience, this is a vital part of being able to help riders learn about cross country riding over different terrain and conditions.
He has also great knowledge in both Dressage and show jumping and is very good with psychology of the riders he teaches. I would highly recommend Simon as a coach for all different levels and age groups

Ginny Elliot, 4 times Badminton winner, Irish Event team trainer

Simon Lawrance has trained my sons for many years. They have both been successful on Pony Club and under 18 teams.1 son rode at 3* as an 18year old and the other at 2* as a 17year old.All under the watchful and encouraging eye of Simon.
I have also worked alongside Simon training many teams and have never ceased to be impressed by his commitment, energy, and attention to detail. I would always recommend him as a trainer.

Mandy Lucey, Mother and Coach